Mikee Shattuck Marketing Funnel Consultant

We build funnels for coaches, consultants, experts, and agencies.

Who sell something for $3k or more.

(Or want to, but haven’t gotten started yet.)

And we’ve been doing it for a decade now.

Since way before “funnel hacking” was even a thing.

So, believe me:

We’ve got our degree in Dork.

And we earned it, in-the-trenches.

Tying tools and softwares and systems and flow charts and complicated processes together.

So our clients can put down the tech and pick up the check.

Ya know?

And yeah, I could brag about all the big names we’ve worked with.

And how silky-smooth our automated funnels are.

And how much easier life would be if we built one for ya.

But you wouldn’t believe me.

So I’d rather show ya.

How’s that sound?

Wanna see one of these fancy funnels?

And witness, firsthand, how to get high-paying clients comin’ to you?

If so, you’re in luck.

I filmed a short video that does exactly that.

Watch it, free, below

And yeah, if you’re impressed?

Who knows?

Maybe we can build one for YOU down the road. 

For a big, fat fee of course. 

(That’s called “the catch.”)

But for now, why doncha opt-in and see what’s possible?

PS, we’ll do the tech so you can do you

Digital Marketing Consultant

Full service marketing - web, video and photo creative, copywriting, and automation to tie it all together.

Local SEO

We manage local businesses marketing getting them seen in Google Maps & Google Search.

Predictable Client Systems

Don't just get a website that makes you a cool, I will help you turn your website into a predictable sales machine.


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