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You don’t have to be an expert at anything in order to start a business online. All it take is a willingness to take risk and do things you don’t know how to do… again and again and again. Online business is just like and other business, it takes hard work, patience, and relentless perseverance to never give no matter how many failures you have. Click below to find out how I can help you save time & money starting your online based business.

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Do you already have a successful business but don’t know how to bring it into the 21st century? Perhaps you need someone to keep you on track and focused on making making activities only? If you want to make more money and work less I can help you. If you need the internet to work for your business, I can help you. If you need someone who understands every aspect of modern internet marketing, I can help you.

Who is

Mikee Shattuck?

Mikee Shattuck, Portland, Oregon USA

Native Oregonian & Pastor’s Kid born in 1983

I was born a son of parents you lives were dedicated to serving Jesus. This taught many things but the most important was it me the meaning of sacriface and passion. 

Me & Andy Slamans

Flimed at Mt. Hood Oregon

Through that process I documented my entire journey of private labeling and selling a product on amazon. I became extremely focused on understanding amazon’s search algorithm and dove deep and into learning as much as I could about how and why amazon does what it does.

Anyone From Anywhere Can Sell Anything To Everyone.

People started reaching out to me and wanting help so I helped them, I also kept putting out more content based off what I was learning and what people where asking me. I found that you first need to understand the framework of the business model. Then you can start plugging in the data needed in order to have a profitable private label product.

What is Private Labeling On Amazon?

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Once you understand the basic framework of selling on amazon profitably then you can start looking for a product. Finding products will take about 70% of your time, 20% Sourcing it, 10% Selling it. Of course you can do it how you want, but continuing to find new products is the way to stay ahead.

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